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Alex Varga


For 14 years, Amrod has offered our clients the BALMAIN collection. This brand is no longer available and we are excited to introduce Alex Varga as its replacement.

A collaboration of thought and design from three continents moulds together within the Alex Varga range of outstanding ideas.

The Alex Varga collection is inspired by great cities of the world, where modern design blends with timeless architecture to create an innovative and refined style.

The brand will appeal to those looking for high quality, classy, well presented gifting items.

This intriguing brand touches the following popular categories: metal pens and metal pen sets, notebooks, laptop bags, memory sticks, power banks and umbrellas. If youโ€™re looking for a top-end gifting option, this is it.

We have also created an exciting Alex Varga brand website, which give you the opportunity to share thisnrange with your customers using this beautifully designed website. It has not reference to Amrod so is end user ready. Visit

To view the full range of Kooshty click here

For a glimpse of the range, watch the video below.